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Monday, June 23, 2014

Engage Subliminal Programming Alpha

Attention SKOdcast listeners: The moment is upon us. The first official test of the Start Kyle Orton Football Pedantry Hypnotism Initiative™begins now. Fortunately for you, we just want you to request topics or questions for discussion in this week's episode instead of, say TOPPLE THE GOVERNMENT.

So if you would all kindly post your requests to this article, leave one in the SKOsbox to the right, or else get at Kyle on the Twitter that graces the top of our page, or else e-mail us at (full disclosure: I don't actually know if Travis ever checks that e-mail), we'll endeavor to hit as many as we can.

And now I'm hearing sirens. Did you guys... the government thing was a joke. No, stop! Stop! ENGAGE COMMAND OVERRIDE NECKBEARD-THREE-SEVEN. Oh, of course that's the part that didn't work.


Anonymous said...

Gentlemen, with all the hoopla surrounding Melo's decision to opt out, what is the likelihood that he'll land in Chicago? Do you think he will be the offensive solution we hope for or mere distraction? Do you think there is a better answer to our problems than acquiring Melo? Aaaannnndddddd, GO!

Anonymous said...

Given what Arians and Trestman did last year, do you think the Bears chose the right head coach?