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Thursday, May 1, 2014

We're not dead!

I know the Shoutbox is expired and we haven't posted a podcast or new article that wasn't about a Kevin Costner movie in months, but I assure you we're still alive! I'm currently hoarding podcasts while we figure out a hosting solution that will allow us to deliver better audio quality and not have to talk on cell phones for an hour. I burned them to DVDs and piled them up in my bedroom and I swim through them like Scrooge McDuck. It's like motherfucking Erebor in here, and I am Bandypants Crumplepatch just dragon-slithering all over these bad boys. So that's on me. But once that's figured out you'll all have like four hours of Skodcast to gorge on with your poor SKO-starved ears. Most of it is about Batman, but there is one about free agency.

The draft is a week away, which means we'll have Bears news to talk about and you should start seeing the posts trickle in until the preseason. I don't know where Kyle is with his usual position reviews, or with renewing the shoutbox; but I can only assume he's just loafing around on it while assembling his Star Trek models and snorting spraypaint or whatever because, y'know, kids these days. (Full disclosure: Kyle is the same age as me.)

But those things will all return to you soon, and you can bask in the warm light of our charming voices once again.

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