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Monday, December 9, 2013

Bears 45, Cowboys 21- Sure, Why Not?

Well, that was a pleasant surprise. After a week of angst over missed opportunities and trepidation regarding the seeming mismatch between the Cowboys potent offense and the Bears woeful defense, the Bears somehow managed to come up with their most dominant win of the season. The offense scored on seven straight possessions, protecting the defense by keeping the ball out of Romo's hands all night. Josh McCown was as efficient as ever, Matt Forte had holes all night, and Brandon Marshall and Alshon Jeffery made a mockery of Dallas' attempts to play man coverage against them. By the time it was all over the Bears managed a season-high 45 points and kept their playoff hopes alive.

The Good:

Alshon Jeffery: At what point is it OK to start comparing him to the AJ Greens and Calvin Johnsons of the world? Because I'm not seeing a whole lot that they can do that he isn't doing right now. What an absolute monster.

Matt Forte: 20 rushes, 102 yards, 9 catches, 73 yards, 1 TD. Forte went over 1,000 yards for the season tonight as well. This offense is really special. I just hope they don't waste it.

Brandon Marshall: 6 catches, 100 yards, over 1000 yards on the season as well, the first time the Bears have had two receivers and a runningback over 1000 yards each since 1995. This is fun.

Josh McCown: I wish this didn't have to be a debate. I wish I didn't have to keep pointing out the logical arguments in favor of Cutler, the talent disparity, the fact that the offense wasn't exactly unproductive under Jay. I wish it was simple for me just to admire the amazing story that Josh McCown really is. What a night for the guy. 5 touchdowns. Five.

Kyle Orton: did you see him? Glorious.

The Bad:

Run Defense: Historically bad! Huzzah! Never half ass it, boys.

The Ugly: 

Dallas in December: Hahaha. You guys suck.

That's all for now. The Bears stay alive. This week should be interesting, considering we'll all have to take shelter from the rage of a million meatballs when/if Trestman names Jay the starter for the game against Cleveland. Until then, let's enjoy this one.


Anonymous said...

Why are you ignoring Cutler's injury-proneness? Yes, he's certainly a better QB than Josh, but he's missed a few games in almost every season he's been here and has been wildly inconsistent otherwise. There are the excuses of the poor line, mishmash of coordinators, and the like, but I can't see how a big contract is justified for this guy when he can't even stay healthy enough to get on the field most of the time.

Erik said...

Because two of his five seasons in Chicago he missed one game and one season he missed zero. He's sustained exactly two long-term regular season injuries in his career, and come back from them both without any loss in production.

Funny how a Brady or a Manning can sit out an entire season and nobody says a word, but Jay gets hurt two times and he's made of glass.

Code Red said...

They are also completely unrelated injuries, largely of the fluke variety. I'm not holding a 2011 thumb injury that had no affect on him going forward against him.

Obviously his injury issues will factor into the negotiation, hopefully lowering the price tag, but I don't really believe Jay is any less durable than any other quarterback. Just less lucky. In 2010 and 2012 he missed one game each with concussions.

Aaron Rodgers has missed half a season basically because of a collarbone, he broke a leg in 2005, he's missed multiple career starts with anyone really worried about his availability going forward?

Dex said...

Also Look at Matt Stafford. People were calling him Mr. Glass(myself included) He missed a hell of alot of games his first few seasons in the league. But they were all different injuries. He hasn't missed a game since.