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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Prognostication Bukakke, NCAA Week 4

Last week's results

Code Red:18-8 (NCAA 8-2, NFL 10-6)
Iggins!:17-9 (NCAA 7-3, NFL 10-6)
Mrs. Code Red: 15-11 (NCAA 5-5, NFL 10-6)

Onto this week's picks:

FSU (2-1) at Clemson (3-0)

Code Red: One rule has served me well since the start of the prognostication bukakke several years ago. Never. Trust. Clemson. FSU wins.

Iggins!: I'm taking FSU because Clemson is still Clemson and they can't just stop being Clemson the second I stop caring about them. FSU wins.

Mrs. Code Red: I guess I'll take FSU too?

LSU (3-0) at West Virginia (3-0)

Iggins!: West Virginia is... sporadic, shall we say? They seem to take a half off each game, and against the ridiculous defense LSU has that just isn't enough. LSU wins.

Code Red: That LSU defense is truly terrifying. Their offense is...mediocre at best. Last year's game was a squeaker that WVU lost in Baton Rouge. Their offense is better than last year and they have homefield advantage. I'm going to go with the upset here, and pick WVU.

Mrs. Code Red: LSU. I just like them better?

Arkansas (3-0) at Alabama (3-0)

Code Red: Arkansas nearly knocked off Saban last year. I know Mallett is gone, but Tyler Wilson is a Petrino quarterback, and someone has to take advantage of Alabama's shaky offense at some point. Arkansas.

Iggins!: Alabama has Trent Richardson, and I will continue to pick them because of this until someone actually beats them. Alabama wins.

Mrs. Code Red: Alabama, because they're supposed to be better.

OK State (3-0) at Texas A&M (3-0)

Iggins!: I also have a perennial mistrust of Texas A&M and an unnatural love for Oklahoma State and their shiny offense. This early in the season gut instinct is pretty much all one has to go on, so I'll take Oklahoma State to win.

Code Red: That offense is so shiny. OK State wins.

Mrs. Code Red: Texas A&M, because I hate black and orange unless it's Halloween. I'd pick OK State were it not for that offensive combination.

USC (3-0) at Arizona State (2-1)

Code Red: Damn you, USC. You escaped my grasp last week, but this week you shall drown in the desert. Well, that doesn't make sense, but AZ State wins.

Iggins!: USC is a very weak 3-0, with a near-loss to Minnesota. I could talk about AZ State being good or something, but... that pretty much says it all. AZ State wins.

Mrs. Code Red: I generally just ignore Arizona sports, so I guess USC.

UNC (3-0) at Georgia Tech (3-0)

Iggins!: The GaTech offense has posted some pretty amazing numbers, and UNC probably won't fully recover from Butch Davis for a few years. GaTech wins.

Code Red: I miss when I would always pick the glorious triple option and your cantankerous ass would refuse to acknowledge it. Now I can't count on GA Tech getting me easy wins. Tech wins.

Mrs. Code Red: 'Cuz I'm a ramblin' wreck from Georgia Tech and a hell of an engineer.

California (3-0) at Washington (2-1)

Code Red: I know nothing about either of these teams. Seriously, I have no idea who replaced Jake Locker and whether or not Jeff Tedford is still alive and coaching. I'll take California.

Iggins!: Washington has shown some signs of life this year, and Cal has perenially underachieved for about a decade. Washington wins.

Mrs. Code Red: Washington, because it's fun to disagree with you. Plus they were in that one game we really enjoyed that one time.

Code Red: She's referring to the overtime thriller last year between Washington and Oregon State, although she usually thinks it was between Oregon and Oregon State.

Kansas State (2-0) @ Miami FL (1-1)

Iggins!: Remember that Miami lost to Maryland to start the season. What does that say about OSU? This game will come down to the last few minutes but Miami wins.

Code Red: It says that OSU sucks. So does Kansas State, I think, which always has a misleading early season record thanks to Bill Snyder's tendency to schedule the Mid-Central Kansas School for the Blind and other similarly enfeebled opponents. I'll take Miami.

Mrs. Code Red: Miami, the alma mater of my G-reg Olsen and his seventh floor crew.

NC State (2-1) at Cincinnati (2-1)

Code Red: Ye olde coin toss game. Cincy

Iggins!: In a game between the Big East and the ACC you might as well just pick the home team and pray. Cincinnati wins.

Mrs. Code Red: This is a tough one. They both seem so insignificant. I'll go with NC State because I don't really care for colleges named after cities instead of states. It's pretentious.

Notre Dame (1-2) @ Pittsburgh (2-1)

Iggins!: Pitt is going to come out filled with an epic rage after being VANDENBERGED (this is a word) and will cause at least 4 suicide deaths in Indiana. Pittsburgh wins.

Code Red: Iggins! just wants something to validate his Hawkeyes win over a lackluster Pitt team. Notre Dame's offense is very explosive. Pitt's is not. Notre Dame wins.

Mrs. Code Red: Pittsburgh, because even though it's pretentious to name a university after your city, nobody is more pretentious than Notre Dame.

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