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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Packers 27, Bears 17- Ugly

I don't really like admitting I'm wrong. I was very high on this Bears team all offseason as everyone relegated them to third place, and I held my head up very high after they destroyed the Falcons. That team is still there, somewhere, even if it's banged up and has made too many mistakes the last two weeks, but the problem is that we've seen two incredibly disappointing, inconsistent performances. Right now, they're playing like an 8-8 team. There's a lot they can do to patch it up and get better, but that's true of most teams hanging around at that level. The next two games against the Panthers and Lions will determine if they're the Bears I thought they were, or if the naysayers had the right idea. If they're standing here after those two games at 3-2, things will be looking good for the stretch, but if they're not...well, it's going to be a tough go in a division with two contenders who aren't going away.

The Good:
- Lance Briggs: He played well, with 11 tackles and a forced fumble.

- Brian Urlacher: Nice interception. Nearly gave the team a chance to come back.
That's all I've got.

The Bad:
-The offensive line: I can't blame Mike Martz for going away from the run. Every single one they attempted was a fucking disaster. The pass blocking was alright, but that run blocking is going to ground this offense until they get it straightened out. If they can.

-Frank Omiyale: Rot in hell, Frank. Rot. In. Hell.

-Craig Steltz: My God, Craig Steltz vs. Jermichael Finley is the greatest mismatch I've seen in years. Guh. Hurry, Chris Harris.

-Mike Martz: Balance alone isn't Mike's problem. Calling for two different plays where Chris Williams was responsible for pulling and blocking Clay Matthews? Who thinks that's a good idea? He also ran that damn Wildcat of his that has never done a single good thing for this team. He refused to call quick slants or anything else that could have gotten them small chunks in place of the absent run game. I'm really beginning to wonder at this point if Mike makes it out of the season in one piece.

-Jay Cutler: He had some nice moments, and he certainly had to take everything onto his shoulders given the non-existent running game and the poor play of his receivers, but he still threw two awful interceptions and a third that was nullified by penalty. His frustration is understandable, but his poor accuracy today really hurt.

-Johnny Knox- He may have been the team's leading receiver, but he showed off today everything that makes him such a frustrating player. His drop that would have been a first down--and more--on 2nd and 16 was classic Johnny, as you could see him looking for the hit as the ball bounced off his chest and then his face. That gave the Packers the field position they needed for the clinching TD. Then on the 4th and five with the team driving, he quits once more on a slant route and allows the defender to break up the pass. I'm fucking tired of seeing this show. Toughen up or just give up on football, Johnny. It's getting old.

The Ugly

-The officiating: Both teams had their fair share of issues with penalties, but the no-call when Woodson knocked down a streaking Hester on what should have been a TD pass was awful, as was the decision to only flag Hester when both Hester and Shields were throwing fists, and especially the phantom penalty on Corey Graham that nullified Knox's punt return TD. They couldn't even name the "real" player who committed the penalty. It was fucking awful.

That's it for now. This team needs to find some answers, fast.

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