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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Prognostication Bukakke: NCAA Week 11

Code Red: 95-52 (55-32 NFL, 40-20 NCAA)
Iggins!: 83-64 (50-37 NFL, 33-27 NCAA)

Yes folks, despite a terrible .500 week in college for me, I added a game over that putz to make it a 12 game lead. I am some kind of golden god. Onto this week's further rapage:

Northwestern @ Iowa
Code Red:
Screw it. I'll predict yet another mind-boggling NW win over Iowa. Why not?

Iggins!: I am 95% sure Iowa will lose, but I will pick them because I am not Benedict Arnold. Iowa wins…?

Miami @ Georgia Tech
God the ACC is awful. Miami is down a QB I believe, so I pick the triple option that I hate. Georgia Tech wins.

Code Red: I'll take Miami for funsies. The ACC is crazy.

Virginia Tech @ North Carolina
Code Red:
Ha. Two straight ACC games that are completely unpredictable thanks to that entire league being one festering pool of mediocrity. I'll take the Hokies.

Iggins!: North Carolina beat FSU last week because of the ACC Rubber Band Rule, which states that any ranked ACC team will lose to an unranked ACC team. There is always an exception team to the rule, and VaTech is normally that exception. VaTech wins.

Code Red: I actually refer to that as the Gailey-Groh Law of Greater ACC Mediocrity, which stipulates that 80% of the ACC must go 5-7 or 7-5 every year.

Texas Tech @ Oklahoma
Oklahoma isn’t mediocre, they have massive bouts of awesome and massive bouts of total crap in the same game. Maybe their bipolar? Hurray for crazies, Oklahoma wins.

Code Red: I will never pick Texas Tech in an important game. Fuck them for firing Mike Leach. Oklahoma wins.

Georgia @ Auburn
Code Red:
Georgia is slowly getting better, but they don't have the defense to stop Cam Newton. Auburn wins.

Iggins!: Simple math tells you that if Cam Newton wins the National Title, and Auburn paid 200 Gs for him, Auburn makes a massive profit. The moral of this story is simple: pay the fucking kids who are making your colleges so much money (or lower my goddamned tuition). Auburn wins.

Texas A&M @ Baylor
It is important not to mistake A&M’s win over Oklahoma as proof that they are good, and equally important that you don’t write Baylor off for getting shellacked by A MAN who is FORTY. Baylor wins.

Code Red:
Agreed. Baylor wins.

South Carolina @ Florida
Code Red:
Tough call. Florida's looked better since (rumors say) Steve Addazio has started to get some help in the play-calling department, and South Carolina just got thumped by Arkansas. I expect Stephen Garcia to do something crazy and win this game. SC wins.

Florida wins so Gene Chizik can punch Urbz in the face after he beats Florida by 30 in the SEC title game for leaking Cam Newton’s records. In a related story, the SEC churns out enjoyable stories and people at a 10:1 ratio when compared to all other conferences combined.

Mississippi State @ Alabama
This really would be the topper for Saban. This game has a shot at playing out like the 66th (or 69th now?) team in the NCAA tourney field playing in their first NIT game. They didn’t want to be in that position, and most of the team probably couldn’t give less of a shit at this point. I’ll still pick Bama to win but watch this one closely.

Code Red: I'll stick with Bama as well, but MSU is on the rise.

Oklahoma State @ Texas
Code Red:
It would be very OK State-like to lose this game. However, Texas is just too awful for me to take a chance. OK State wins.

Iggins!: Schadenfreude in full effect here. OK State wins.

USC @ Arizona
You are in love with USC games. AZ wins.

Code Red: I like reminding people that A) They suck and B)Even if they didn't, they wouldn't get to go to a bowl game. HA! That said, I actually think USC will win this game. Why? I don't know. I'm just going to try and spot you yet another game that you won't end up getting because you suck at life.

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