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Monday, November 15, 2010

College Football Roundup, Week 11

Minnesota 38, Illinois 34.
God Dammit. I will never, ever allow myself the stupidity of believing that Ron Zook will win a game he should win ever again.

Northwestern 21, Iowa 17
This truly softened the blow of the Illini loss, though. I'm not sure how it is that NW's spread offense gives Ferentz's defenses so much trouble when Iowa handles that scheme so well when its run by other teams, but there's no denying that Kirk Ferentz is Pat Fitzgerald's bitch.

Wisconsin 83, Indiana 20
Well, that wasn't very nice. Wisconsin is undeniably the best team in the Big Ten. Its a shame they suffered that early season loss to MSU, because they would be, I think, the Big Ten's first legitimate national title contender in a while.

Notre Dame 28, Utah 3
Well, that sucks for TCU.

Auburn 49, Georgia 31
Jim Rome had one of the greatest sports-radio statements of all time today: "I just don't see any way that Auburn can win the national title with that defense. Then again, if Cameron Newton keeps putting up 4 TDs a game, they can." Thanks for playing, Jim.

Texas A&M 42, Baylor 30
Okay, so I bought in too soon on Baylor. More concerning is the fact that Mike Sherman may actually be a decent college football coach. I hate when Mike Sherman is gainfully employed.

South Carolina 36, Florida 14
South Carolina has now made the SEC Title Game, where Steve Spurrier will bench Stephen Garcia in the 2nd quarter because he doesn't like his sideburns, or something.

Oregon 15, California 13
Congratulations, Cal Bears! I don't care if you lost, slowing down the Oregon leviathan is a worthy accomplishment in and of itself.

Oklahoma State 33, Texas 16
This just in: Illinois has a better record than Texas. Giggity.

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