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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Around College Football, Week 7

Michigan State 26, Illinois 6
I have to say that this game was much closer than the final score indicated. If Nathan Scheelhaase had any ability to pass Illinois may have been in line for the upset. Either way, I still like the Illini's chances to make it to a bowl this year since their running game and defense are legit. Oh, and Michigan State may win the Big Ten (starts stocking bomb shelter).

Iowa 38, Michigan 28
This game played out exactly the way I expected it to. You are who I thunk you was, Michigan.

Texas 20, Nebraska 13
Oh what the fuck? God damn you, Nebraska. When you have a chance to sink Texas' season into the abyss you PULL THE GOD DAMN TRIGGER.

Auburn 65, Arkansas 43
Holy shitballs. Did you watch this game? The beloved armcock of Ryan Mallett went down and yet his backup, a young lad also trained in the QB arts by Bobby Petrino (love him or hate him, he knows the passing game), threw for 4 TDs and yet lost the game by 22 points because Auburn is just a relentless juggernaut on offense that will run some combination of the same five plays and you will not stop them because Cam Newton is big and fast and well, that combination is the most effective one in football.

Kentucky 31, South Carolina 28
God dammit. I wanted so badly to pick Kentucky in this game. Absolutely nothing about this surprises me. South Carolina will never allow itself to win an SEC title. Ever. I'm also not surprised that Steve Spurrier decided to take a chance on a fade into the end zone than just moving the ball a few more yards and kicking the FG for overtime. I'm least surprised that Stephen Garcia was intercepted. The more goodwill that kid earns with his 3 TD passes in quarters 1-3, the more he works to fuck it away in quarter 4.

Wisconsin 31, Ohio State 18
Boom. Called it.

Washington 35, Oregon State 34 (2OT)
This game was fun to watch. Jake Locker finally looked like the guy people thought he'd be, as he had 5 TD passes. Oregon State followed the unwritten football rules and went for the 2 PT conversion and the win on the road and came one dropped pass shy of getting it. Tough break, Beavers.

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