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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Prognostication Bukakke! NCAA Week 5

Code Red: 37-16 Overall (20-12 NFL, 17-4 NCAA).
Iggins!: 33-19 Overall (19-13 NFL, 14-6 NCAA).

So we'll see if Iggins! can make up some of those 4 games this week, or if I can begin to bury him early beneath my jackboot. Onto the college picks:

Texas A&M @ Oklahoma State

Code Red: I know nothing about either of these teams except that A&M is coached by Mike Sherman. That's enough to make me pick the Cowboys. OK State wins.

Iggins!: This is a bit of a toss up. I guess A&M almost lost to FIU last week… so yeah. Oklahoma State wins.

Miami @ Clemson

Iggins!: You trying to lure me into picking Clemson? Ain’t gonna happen. Miami wins.

Code Red: It’s worked so many times before. I’m pretty sure my 9 game lead last year was based entirely off of your constant Clemson and Kansas City Chiefs picks. I guess I take Miami too.

Virginia Tech @ NC State

Code Red: NC State is 4-0 and threatening to be a respectable ACC team. That just can't happen. VT gets a measure of redemption here. Hokies win.

Iggins!: VaTech kind of blows. BUT there is an ACC rule that says a team cannot win two big ACC games in a row, and a rule that says Frank Beamer will blow it early and finish strong when it no longer matters… oh well. Fuck VaTech. NC State wins.

Wisconsin @ Michigan State

Iggins!: This pick is entirely based on this game being played at MSU. MSU wins.

Code Red: Bah. John Clay and Scott Tolzien will get the job done. Wisconsin wins.

Texas vs. Oklahoma (Neutral Site)

Code Red: Wow, both of these teams are 1,000 times worse than last year. Oklahoma has the edge on offense. Oklahoma wins.

Iggins!: I don’t think Texas will lose 2 in a row after that ass whooping last week. And Oklahoma is just as bad as Texas, so I’ll say Texas wins.

AZ State @ Oregon State

Iggins!: Oregon State plays the same way VaTech does every year, they lose twice early then by the time they play Oregon they have a shot at the Pac 10 title. Oregon State wins.

Code Red: Pretty much. They always play well in conference. OSU wins.

Washington @ USC

Code Red: My gamble of the week: Jake Locker restores some of the luster by upsetting Kiffykins.Washington.

Iggins!: USC isn’t good, but Washington sucks. USC wins.

Stanford @ Oregon

Iggins!: Harbaugh! Stanford wins.

Code Red: I like your reasoning, and I’ll also add Andrew Luck. Stanford wins.

Florida @ Alabama

Code Red: If Alabama can confound the armcock of my beloved Ryan Mallett, I can't even imagine the hack job they'll do on the Steve Addazio-John Brantley duo. Alabama wins.

Iggins!: Yeah, Bama is going undefeated. Alabama wins.

Penn State @ Iowa

Iggins!: The mystifying Arizona loss notwithstanding, Iowa has been disturbingly methodical in destroying the opposition. PSU has a freshman QB and, in general, they just aren’t as good as Iowa. Iowa wins.

Code Red: Let me rephrase that: the loss to the one quality opponent they’ve faced notwithstanding, they’ve done a good job of beating up a MAC team, Eastern Illinois, and Iowa State. God you’re an undisciplined homer. Penn State does suck, so Iowa will win, but really, “disturbingly methodical in destroying opponents”? Jesus.

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