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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Prognostication Bukakke! NCAA Week 4

Well, last week wasn't bad, as we both went 7-3 in our college picks. Hopefully we'll put some distance between us this week:

Miami @ Pittsburgh

Code Red: Neither of these teams is as good as they were last year. Not even close. That said, I expect a nice Jacory Harris rebound game against the Wannstache. Miami wins.

Iggins!: I don’t think it’s that they aren’t as good as they were last year, it’s more like they’re both just as mediocre and overhyped. Miami wins.

NC State @ Georgia Tech

Iggins!: Well the ACC is proving to be just like it always is; totally unpredictable and filled to the brim with shitty teams. That being said, GaTech should win this game easily… but even as I type that I’m practically guaranteeing a 30 point loss. GaTech wins.

Code Red: I truly hate to pick against the triple option, but NC State’s Russell Wilson is playing not awful right now, while GT’s offense allowed Kansas to score 28 points. Guh. NC State wins.

Stanford @ Notre Dame

Code Red: If ND couldn't slow down Michigan State they're not going to slow down Andrew Luck. Stanford wins big.

Iggins!: Well this won’t be close. Stanford wins.

Alabama @ Arkansas

Iggins!: This might be the hardest game Bama has on it’s schedule, but they’ll still win by 20. Alabama wins.

Code Red: Fuck it. Man crushes are man crushes for a reason. RYAN MALLETT’S ARMCOCK SHALL END THY STREAK. Armcockansas wins ( I really think Alabama will probably win, but in this world a man must stand for something).

South Carolina @ Auburn

Code Red: Both of these teams have been winning with defense. I'm not sure who is stronger. I'll take Auburn, because I think Cam Newton is less like to fuck up than Steven Garcia.

Iggins!: Auburn is pretty damn one-dimensional, and if they hadn’t been the loving recipient of the usual Clemson meltdown they might have gotten beaten pretty bad. I like South Carolina to win.

Kentucky @ Florida

Iggins!: Well Florida may be worse than last year, but they aren’t bad enough to lose to Kentucky. Florida wins.

Code Red: Make that 24 straight against Kentucky. Florida wins.

Oregon State @ Boise State

Code Red: Boise's last chance at a legitimate win. They won't let it slip away. Boise wins.

Iggins!: I bet when Oregon State scheduled TCU and Boise 5 or 6 years ago they didn’t expect to be playing two top 5 teams. It sucks too because Oregon State is probably going to come close to winning the Pac 10 (along with 5 other Pac 10 teams). Boise State wins.

West Virginia @ LSU

Iggins!: LSU kind of sucks. But so does the Big East. Basically this comes down to whether the Big East Champion can beat a middling SEC team… so I give the slight edge to Noel Devine. West Virginia wins.

Code Red: Yeah, but Baton Rouge is a terrifying fucking place to play road football. LSU wins.

California @ Arizona

Code Red: Yikes. After watching Nevada demolish Cal I don't see anyway that the talented Nick Foles can't carve apart the Cal defense while the Arizona defensive line murders some more people. Arizona wins.

Iggins!: Arizona certainly looked good last week, and I now need Arizona to lose exactly twice this year, and I think that’ll happen against Oregon and Oregon State. So Arizona wins.

Oregon @ Arizona State

Iggins!: The Pac 10 has 5 teams who have a legit shot at the conference title. ASU isn’t one of them. Oregon wins.

Code Red: AZ State actually has a defense, so they may hold Oregon under 50. But that’s about it. Oregon wins.

(Apologies for the god awful formatting. Blogger really hates when you copy from Word and I don't understand the first damn thing about HTML.)

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