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Monday, September 13, 2010

College Football Observations

The last three years I've regularly (or semi-regularly, or maybe sometimes) posted my own college football rankings. I'm not going to do that this year. Compiling a list of 25 teams every week blows, and there are a million other more authorative sources to go look at, most of whom I just copy and then rearrange slightly. So instead I'm just going to lob a few of my stellar witticisms at a couple games and teams I found interesting. So for this week:

Georgia Tech 25, Kansas 28-
God dammit, GT. Kansas? Really? Despite the awesomeness of the triple option, Georgia Tech's defense is still atrocious. Kansas scored 3 points the week before against South Dakota State. Good lord. It's also disappointing that Josh Nesbitt can't throw the ball to save his life. 3rd and longs are absolute cancer to this team. Until they fix that they'll have a hard time getting back to where they were the last two years.

South Carolina 17, Georgia 6
Spurrier may actually have a good team this year. Steven Garcia has done a really good job so far of not looking like Steven Garcia.

Florida 38, South Florida 14
This game was a lot closer until a barrage of interceptions by BJ Daniels allowed Florida to get rolling in the second half. Florida's offense is still backed up big time. I don't think this has anything to do with talent, as they're still as deep as any team in the country. I think it's got a lot to do with Steve Addazio. Last year he sucked plenty, but Florida managed to use the mobility of Tebow to still maintain an effective offense, although one much, much worse than the offense Florida had managed the two years before under Dan Mullen. Now, without Tebow or Addazio's favorite target, tight end Aaron Hernandez, the entire Florida offense has sputtered because of a complete lack of innovation. Bummer.

James Madison 21, Virginia Tech 16.
There are no words. Except tough shit, Boise.

Oklahoma 47, Florida State 17
This is what happens when you hire guys named Jimbo (will use that line 45+ times this year).

Ohio State 36, Miami 24
Terrelle Pryor still can't pass. But Jacory Harris is apparently even worse.

Arkansas 31, Louisiana Monroe 7

USC 17, Virginia 14
USC is not good, people.

Alabama 24, Penn State 3
This actually didn't surprise me at all.

Iowa 35, Iowa State 7
Yeah, Iowa keeps murdering people and I'm not happy about it.

Stanford 35, UCLA 0
Harbaugh will win the Pac 10. Write. It. Down.

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