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Monday, August 16, 2010

Bears-Chargers Notes

I'm not going to lie, I barely watched this game, and stopped watching long before Dan LeFevour ever came into the game so that I could watch Tim Tebow revert to his loopy delivery while racking up yards against the Bengals' practice squad. But anywho, just a few things:

-Jay Cutler threw his two passes really well. The deep ball to Knox was a text book Martz route, with Knox reading the coverage on an option route and putting on the brakes to make a nice catch.

-As I just said, Knox did a great job of running routes during his time on the field. I'm growing more and more adamant that Knox will be the #1 receiver on this team.

-I'm less down on the first team o-line's performance than most, as I think they did an OK job with pass blocking, but the run blocking was indeed awful. We'll have to see more next week.

-Major Wright is a bad ass. Hopefully he's healthy.

-That's about it.

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