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Friday, May 7, 2010

Marc Bulger? I'll Pass.

If you're an obsessive football fan like I am, you know how useful ProFootballTalk is. The up to the minute rumors are very helpful for..obsessing over football. However, you also probably hate Mike Florio, the guy that runs the site. I've taken shots at his snarky, sniveling shots at Jay Cutler before, but really he's not biased against Cutler anymore than he is any other player he doesn't likes. It's shit like this article, however, that really gets my goat. In article talking about how the Jerry Angelo stating that the Bears are continuing to look into the notion of signing a veteran quarterback (specifically, Marc Bulger), Florio has this to say:

So why hasn't it happened? Because, in our view, Angelo doesn't want Martz and coach Lovie Smith to have a guy who can help salvage the season -- and their jobs -- if Cutler struggles through an early-season schedule that includes games against the Cowboys, Packers, and Giants. (We focused on this specific issue last month for If the Bears fail with Cutler, Smith goes but Angelo likely stays. If Cutler gets benched and Bulger can't turn things around, Smith and Angelo likely will go, since Angelo pulled the trigger on giving up two first-round picks for a guy who ultimately couldn't hold off a player signed off the street.

Sure, Angelo shouldn't be motivated by protecting his position. But there has to be a reason for the fact that the Bears haven't already signed Bulger. And that's the most logical explanation for it.

Look, I'll buy that Jerry Angelo might do or not do something just to cover his own ass, but you really think that's the MOST logical explanation? Here, I'll give you some more logical explanations:

1. They just drafted a quarterback
Dan LeFevour is a very talented player with a lot of potential who could be a legitimately good quarterback after some time on the bench. He's not going to displace Cutler, but it's very possible that he could be a quality back-up or even a guy other teams will take a look at (sort of like Favre's former backups Mark Brunell, Matt Hasselbeck, and Aaron Brooks, or Charlie Whitehurst, who brought a 3rd round pick to San Diego in a trade with Seattle). If you can take a quarterback like that in the 6th round and redeem that pick later with a higher round pick, that's a great move, and worth more than a veteran who'll probably spend 16 games holding a clipboard at best.

2. They already have a quarterback in Caleb Hanie
True, Caleb's only thrown 11 NFL passes and looked mediocre doing so. However, I don't think throwing him into the fire in a late game blowout against the Ravens defense is a fair test for the guy. He's looked great in both of his preseasons, and while preseason numbers don't meant shit, his technique and his arm strength and mobility have looked good. I realize Martz isn't sold on him yet, but he's another guy with great potential. I have confidence that Caleb Hanie wouldn't embarass himself if he has to start and gets all of the practice reps.

3. They just spent an assload of money on free agents, have yet to sign their draft picks, and Bulger would probably cost more than Hanie/LeFevour/Basanez combined.
..That sums it up.

4. Marc Bulger isn't that good.
I realize the Rams offensive line and wide receiver units have gone down hill. I realize Marc Bulger has been injured. I just don't buy that he could return to form, or that part of that wasn't his fault. In his last three seasons Bulger has a stat line of :

36 Games Started, 612 comp./1065 att. (57.5%)/6581 yds/27 tds/34 ints/6.2 ypa/182.8 ypg/70.9 rating.

None of those numbers are spectacular. All are well below a league average effort. Like I said, I'm quite confident that Caleb Hanie could come in and put up a 70.9 quarterback rating, and at least have more mobility and durability than the statuesque Bulger, all at a lower cost.

So really, Florio, tell me again what the Most logical explanation is for not signing Marc Bulger?

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