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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Orlando Pace Released

Worthless Old Fatass.

Orlando Pace got cut the other day. I'm sure everyone's as relieved as I am about that. Chris Williams is more than capable of being a mediocre left tackle, so Pace is superfluous. No idea as to who they think they can get to start at right tackle, unless they're actually crazy enough to keep playing Omiyale or Shaffer regularly. That would be, as some might say, a really, really, poor decision.

This offseason is exceedingly frustrating. Every year for the last few years I've always felt like, with a competent front office, the Bears' problems were easily fixable in a few moves. After the 2004 season, I was confident the team could contend with a healthy Grossman and a quality tackle to pair with John Tait. It turned out they didn't even really need Rex in 2005, but Fred Miller was a big contributor in 2005 and 2006. After 2005, I was sure they were going to kick ass in 2006 no matter what, and that's what happened. After 2006, I thought the team would be fine if everyone stayed healthy and they picked up another starting safety. Everyone got hurt and they wound up with Archuleta, so the team sucked. After 2007, I thought some upgrades on the offensive line and a healthy defense would make the team a contender. The line was slightly better in 2008, but the defense still wasn't great and the team barely improved. Going into 2009, it was obvious that, with Cutler on the team, the defensive line and offensive line were the biggest areas of concern. Jerry Angelo agreed, he just felt the answer was to sign Pace and Omiyale and hire Rod Marinelli. That ended horribly and Marinelli got a promotion.

This offseason, however, it's hard to get excited over any single move. Cutting Pace isn't much of an addition by subtraction, as every spot on the line would benefit from an upgrade (although I'm willing to give Williams another year before I start hating him). The defensive line sucks on ice, and I'm not sure how much the rumored move to pick up Julius Peppers would help without a defensive tackle to keep him from getting double teamed on every single snap. The linebacking corps consists of Awesome, Old and Injured, and the Three-Headed Shitfest of Hillenmeyer, Williams, or Roach. Charles Tillman's a slightly above average corner, which is far more than can be said about any of his comrades, and the safety position is a pathetic mess (and of course they traded away their second round pick in a year where good safeties will actually be available in the 2nd round).

My point is, of course, is that you shouldn't take joy anything, because you're Bears fans.

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