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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Weekly Picks, Championship Edition

Isn't life grand as a Saints fan? Great QB, no media problems, no losses. Life is peachy. (sobs uncontrollably). Here are our records up to this week:

Iggins!: 123-67 Overall (46-32 NCAA, 77-35 NFL)

Code Red: 124-66 Overall (53-25 NCAA, 71-41 NFL)

So as you can see Red's lead over me has shrunk to one tiny little game. Although The odds of me overcoming a seven game deficit in the NCAA standings are rather small, we still differ on 4 games this week, and bowl season is yet to come! So on to the picks:

#16 Oregon State @ #7 Oregon

Iggins!: I predicted this game would be for the title weeks ago, and I also predicted the winner. I ain’t no John Kerry, Oregon State wins.

Code Red: Ah ha! But you are John Kerry in that you will lose to a man widely regarded as a moron and a failure! ….wait. Oregon wins.

Ohio vs. Central Michigan

Code Red: I am deeply, deeply disappointed that Temple’s comeback season ran out of steam and kept them from making the MAC title game. Oh well. They’ll still get ten wins and I feel less guilty about the manner in which Dan Lefevour will destroy Ohio. Central Michigan wins.

Iggins!: Ohio is coached by a guy who got date raped, and that’s pretty much what Lefevour is gonna do here. Central Michigan wins.

#5 Cincinnati @ #15 Pittsburgh

Iggins!: The Big East sucks, and Wanny is just evil enough to pull this upset. Pittsburgh wins.

Code Red: The Big East sucks, but Wanny is just incompetent enough to finish a season that started at 9-1 with 4 losses. Cincy wins.

Arizona @ #18 USC

Code Red: Ooh. Tough call. Both of these teams are good, but slightly below the upper crust of the Pac 10 this year (that was just an excuse to point and laugh at USC’s plight). I’ll go with the home team, I guess. USC wins.

Iggins!: USC has had the two most crushing defeats in the history of the Colosseum this year, both to teams who look suspiciously like Arizona. So I’m taking Arizona for the final blow to USCs season. By the way did anyone see the ESPN piece on the kid with eye cancer? Holy shit that was sad. Arizona wins.

#1 Florida vs. #2 Alabama

Iggins!: The National Title Game! This is tough, but picking against Tim Tebow is pretty damn unsafe. Florida wins.

Code Red: This will end just like last year. As evenly matched as they are in most other areas, the team with the better quarterback will be the one that wins. Florida.

#3 Texas vs. #22 Nebraska

Code Red: Seriously, someone get out the charts and shit and explain to me how Nebraska resurrected itself in order to make it to the Big 12 title game. Texas wins.

Iggins!: Well you see, Red, the biggest competition they had in the Big 12 North was K-State. They are 6-6. Texas wins.

#10 Georgia Tech vs. Clemson

Iggins!: Two opposing forces at play here. 1) The ACC Rubber Band Effect which clearly states that any ranked ACC team must lose when playing against an unranked ACC team and 2) Clemson’s history of failing when it counts over and over again. In the end I can’t pick against Clemson. Clemson wins.

Code Red: TRIPLE OPTION BCS YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH . Paul Johnson’s GT actually defies the ACC malaise by running an entirely unconventional offense and refusing to settle for a 21-14 score in every game. They will not be stopped, despite a minor setback to Georgia. Georgia Tech wins.

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