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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

NCAA Picks Week 7

The records for this week stand as such: Red is 20-10 after an impressive 8-2 week and I stand at 15-15 after an impressively mediocre 5-5 performance. After two weeks of disagreeing on 70% of the games we pick in the NCAA, we disagree on only 3 this week. On to the picks...

#5 Boise State @ Tulsa

Iggins!: Tulsa has a very good offense, and playing at home for only the 2nd time this year will be an advantage, but Boise State should be in a bigger conference. Boise State wins.

Code Red: Not much of a problem here. Boise State Wins.

#8 Cincinnati @ #21 South Florida

Code Red: As much as I hate Iowa, I’m happy they’re 6-0, because right now they and Ohio State are the only teams keeping the Big Ten from being the Big East. Does ANYONE really buy Cincinnati as the 8th best team in the country? Alas, they’re BCS bound. Cinci wins.

Iggins!: Why do you hate Cincinnati so much? They’re actually quite good. Be pissed off at TCU, not Cinci. Cincinnati wins.

#20 Oklahoma vs. #3 Texas (In Dallas)

Iggins!: I feel like this will be Texas’ one stumble this year. Oklahoma losing three games by the halfway point? The earth would break apart. Oklahoma wins.

Code Red: I’m with my comrade on this one. It’s not so much that I think Texas will stumble, but Bradford is back and Oklahoma just needs it more. Oklahoma wins.

#11 Iowa @ Wisconsin

Code Red: Mindless, god awfully stupid turnovers ruined Wisconsin’s chances against Ohio State. I’m sure that won’t play into Iowa’s hands. Not one bit. Sigh, Iowa wins an ugly one (as if they have any other kind).

Iggins!: Iowa wins everything ugly. And you’re right, at this point, 6 games in, you have to say that turnovers against Iowa aren’t a fluke; Iowa just hawks the ball (no pun intended). Iowa wins and then I start to hyperventilate because they have to go to MSU at night after this.

#6 USC @ #25 Notre Dame

Iggins!: Notre Dame has a very good offense and a pile of shit on defense. That being said, I think Notre Dame will stick with USC and pull out a close one in the end (because I made this pick 3 weeks ago and I am sticking with it, damnit). Notre Dame wins.

Code Red: A Haiku-

Fuckin Notre Dame

They coast on easy schedule

Good team they are not.

USC wins.

Texas Tech @ #15 Nebraska

Code Red: As much as I’d love to call the Texas Tech upset, Nebraska’s defense is just outstanding and they’re at home. Nebraska wins.

Iggins!: Well I don’t have a vagina, and my theory is that the Big 12 North is so superior to the South that even the 5th best team in the North can beat the best in the South. Texas Tech wins.

#4 Virginia Tech @ #19 Georgia Tech

Iggins!: God I hate the triple option. Virginia Tech wins.

Code Red: The triple option is 14-5 since it moved to Georgia Tech. It works. Why my esteemed colleague must hate that it’s because some teams can actually do shit like run the triple option that makes college football great, I don’t know. Virginia Tech will win this game, because they’re an outstanding team with a fantastic defense, and then Iggins! will point this out as proof that the triple option sucks, to which I’ll point out that VT’s defense has had no problem shutting down spread offenses and the like as well, and he’ll deny all logic and evidence and I’ll be forced to jab a pair of scissors in his throat and laugh as the blood bubbles out and the wheezing sound of his last, forced breaths hits the air. Virginia Tech wins.

Iggins!: Hey, if you can hate Cincinnati for no reason I can hate Ga Tech for no reason.

Stanford @ Arizona

Code Red: Stanford will rebound from last week’s disappointment against Oregon State, but Arizona will not overcome their 4th quarter collapse against Washington. Stanford wins.

Iggins!: Arizona got screwed hard and long last week on an interception returned for a TD that hit the ground. The Pac-10 has 6 quality teams. Very impressive. Arizona wins.

#22 South Carolina @ #2 Alabama

Iggins!: Alabama and Florida are far better than the rest of division 1. Alabama wins.

Code Red: I would throw Texas in there too, but that’s beside the point. Alabama wins.

Arkansas @ #1 Florida

Code Red: This could very well be a trap game. Tebow’s not 100% yet and the hangover from the LSU game could be considerable. Arkansas is downright dangerous with Ryan Mallett, who will be a top ten pick at quarterback whenever he comes out. Urban Meyer’s not the kind of coach that allows a letdown, however. Florida wins, but Mallett’s golden arm will give them a scare.

Iggins!: Florida is better than Arkansas. Florida wins.

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