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Monday, September 21, 2009

College Football Rankings

I missed these last week so I'm not going to recap how my Top 25 did, since they would have changed quite a bit between week 2 and 3 anyways, so instead I'll just say how the AP Top 25 did before putting up my new rankings.

#1 Florida 23, Tennessee 13. For some reason people are making a big deal out of the low scoring total for Florida, which is odd, since Tennessee has always had a great defense, and even last year's meeting between the two was a low scoring affair. The important thing is that Florida won.

#2 Texas 34, Texas Tech 24. Most people that know me know of my undying love for the brilliansanity of Mike Leach, so I'm optimistic Texas Tech will have reloaded by next year.

#3 USC 13, Washington 16. Haha. You know, I always felt that Washington under Ty Willingham was wasting the considerable talents of Jake Locker, who is very similar in skill set to Tim Tebow. With some actual coaching from new head coach (and former USC OC) Steve Sarkisian, Locker's averaging 288.0 total yards per game, with 7 total tds, 1 interception, and a 138.7 rating. Oh, and he just beat USC, who have now lost at least one game in which they were favored by double digits each year since 2006.

#4 Alabama 53, North Texas 7. Damn you, Nick Saban.

#5 Ole Miss 52, SE Louisiana 6. As much as I liked them before the season, and I realize they're 2-0, Ole Miss concerns me. They haven't played shit for competition (their opener was against Memphis), and yet Jevan Snead has looked slightly suspect to me so far. Hopefully that's just an illusion.

#6 Penn State 31, Temple 6. Still wondering if I should really be exicted about the Illini-Penn State tickets I have.

#7 BYU 28, Florida State 54 . Ouch. Holy shit I did not see this coming. Way to fuck that one up, BYU.

#8 Cal 35, Minnesota 21. Cal scored five touchdowns. Jahvid Best had 5 of those.

#9 LSU 31, LA Lafayette 3. Charles Tillman must be crushed.

#10 Boise State 51, Fresno State 34. There's that offense I've been waiting for.

#11 Ohio State 38, Toledo 0. Fantastic.

#12 Oklahoma 45, Tulsa 0. The Sam Bradford injury is really killing them, other than the part where his replacement threw 6 fucking td passes.

#13 Virginia Tech 16, #19 Nebraska 15. This was actually a pretty well decent game to watch.

#14 Georgia Tech 17, #20 Miami 33. This one hurts, as I had GT all the way up to my top ten. Miami is looking scary now that they have a real quarterback again.

#15 TCU 56, Texas State 21. Fine job, Horned Frogs. I didn't even know there was a Texas State.

#16 Oklahoma State 41, Rice 24. Good to see Zac Robinson and company get that offense on track.

#17 Cincinnati 28, Oregon State 18. So happy Ron Guenther scheduled Cinci as an Illini non-conference game. Tears of joy happy.

#18 Utah 24, Oregon 31. Good. I didn't really like Utah that much anyway.

#21 Houston- Idle.

#22 Kansas 44, Duke 16. The Mangino is pleased with this effort.

#23 Georgia 52, Arkansas 41. Maybe Joe Cox can throw the ball. But probably not. At least Bobby Petrino lost.

#24 UNC 31, East Carolina 17. This is a bigger win than it seems, as East Carolina can occasionally be a trap game. Just ask West Virginia.

#25 Michigan 45, Eastern Michigan 17. Damnit. They'd better fall apart during the conference schedule.

My new rankings-

#1 Florida- They'll be back to a scoring behemoth next week.
#2 Texas- The Big 12 is theirs.
#3 Alabama- Damnit, Nick Saban.
#4 Penn State- Even with Michigan's resurgence, they look to easily be the class of the Big Ten.
#5 Cal- They will win the Pac 10. Book it.
#6 Ole Miss- I'm terrified they're going to fuck up and make me look like a moran.
#7 Boise State- The rest of their schedule is easy as pie.
#8 Oklahoma- They've bounced back from the shock of the Bradford injury pretty well.
#9 Ohio State- As long as they've got more talent on the field than the other team, they win.
#10 LSU- They're climbing.
#11 Virginia Tech- Beamerball at it's best.
#12 Cincinnati- Can't wait for that road trip.
#13 Oklahoma State- They've got a few more easy games against Grambling and Texas A&M to help them tune up before hitting the meat of the Big 12 schedule.
#14 USC- Ha. Ha.
#15 Miami- Frightening, I say.
#16 UNC- Shoop is their offensive coordinator. I still marvel that he has a job, and isn't actually god awful at it at the college level.
#17 Georgia Tech- Get it fixed, guys. You mustn't let the wishbone fail!
#18 Georgia- They still need a real quarterback.
#19 TCU- Solid as always.
#20 Kansas- The Mangino is not pleased with this ranking. I tremble in fear.
#21 Florida State- They'll drop out after an inexplicable loss to South Florida or something. Sweet mother of God I hate Bobby Bowden.
#22 Michigan- I must begin to resign myself to the fact that they're going to be good from here on out.
#23 Nebraska- I still like how far they've come under Pellini. They'll shake off the loss to VT.
#24 Missouri- Blaine Gabbert is a fine looking quarterback.
#25 Houston- Meh. This spot's a freebie anyways.

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