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Sunday, September 27, 2009


Iowa beats Penn State AGAIN

Well that was fun. To recap:

-Darryl Clark is not good.
-Evan Royster is not good
-Iowa's defense IS good
-Iowa's freshman RBs ARE good
-Ricky Stanzi can throw a mean checkdown to his RBs.

Here are the facts: Iowa is good, yes. Beating Penn State in their
own house at night is a big accomplishment no matter how you do it.
But, if you look at the stats, the fact is this team is weak for the exact
same reason that PSU is weak. Their defense is incredible but the
play of quarterback Ricky Stanzi is inconsistent at best. Iowa has
an RB tandem with a red shirt freshman and a true freshman. Iowa's
best wide receiver was recruited as a quarterback. And remember,
they almost lost to Northern Iowa!
But fuck the stats.
Here are facts:

-The game last night was played in a rainy mess. The reason Stanzi's
line looked so bad is because 1) His wide receivers couldn't catch the
ball in the rain, 2) His two interceptions were both tipped balls off of
easily completable passes, and 3) He, unlike Darryl, played according
to the conditions, throwing checkdowns and swing passes instead of
risky long passes in a monsoon.

-Robinson and Wegher are both very good RBs. They may be young
but the tandem of the bruising Robinson and the slippery Wegher is
potent. Why the hell did Paki start this season as the number 1 back?

-The pass catching talent is deeper than just wide receivers. Tony
Moeaki and Wegher can both catch very well. Marvin McNutt is
having a great season aside from dropping a few last night in the rain.
DJK and Trey Stross are viable options, though certainly not great

-The offensive line is always good. It's Iowa. And we've all seen how
good the entire defense is.

Now am I saying Iowa will go undefeated? GOD NO. They have a
great team and a great gameplan: for the NFL. The sad truth is that
in college football defense doesn't win championships, and even
though Iowa's offense is underrated, it isn't in the top 20 in the nation.
Even if they go undefeated they WILL lose to Texas or Florida or
Alabama, and odds are they'll lose to Ohio State or Michigan before
that. But they do deserve respect: more respect than they have been
given (Ranked #22 to start the year... and they win their first 3 games...
but drop out of the top 25 not to return until after they beat #5?). The
rest of the Big Ten season should be interesting.

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