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Friday, August 14, 2009

Bears @ Bills, Preseason Game One, Saturday, August 14th.

So I realize its the preseason, but I still enjoy it. For once you'll get to actually See Cutler line up and throw to somebody and you can expect the Bears fan base to lose any perspective whatsoever. Remember the 2006 preseason? When Grossman struggled and Griese looked like Joe Montana against the third string defenses? Everyone wanted Grossman benched before the regular season even started, then Rex went out and won offensive player of the month in September. So just remember, whatever happens, as long as nobody gets injured the preseason doesn't matter. That said, it's still football. So, WOOO! MOTHERFUCKING FOOTBALL!!!! WOOO!!!

Buffalo Bills
Last Year 7-9
Head Coach: Dick Jauron (21-27 in Buffalo, 56-72 Career)
Yes, our old friend Dick has somehow managed to survive the axe after three consecutive 7-9 seasons for a team that hasn't seen the playoffs since Kevin Dyson and Frank Wycheck ruined their shit back in 1999. Dick is (most Buffalo fans hope) finally entering a make or break year with the Bills, and they responded by desparately signing the 35 year old Terrell Owens. We shall see.

Players to Watch:
Quarterback Trent Edwards- Edwards, a 3rd round pick in 2007, probably would have been a first round pick that year had he not spent his college career losing game after game at Stanford. Physically he's a very talent quarterback and has made big strides in his first year and a half as a starter, completing 65% of his passes last year. Even an older Owens should improve his receiving corps, so Edwards should have a big year.

Wide Receiver Terrell Owens- Duh.

Linebacker Paul Pozlusny- 'Cuz I love the big lug.

Chicago Bears
Last Year 9-7
Head Coach: Lovie Smith (45-35 in Chicago, 45-35 Overall)

Players to Watch:

Quarterback Jay Cutler- Naturally. The starters should play into the second quarter, so hopefully Jay will get at least 3 or 4 possessions to throw the football.

Left Guards Josh Beekman/Frank Omiyale- While it may be difficult to watch a battle at left guard, just try and pay attention on a few plays to see if either one of them seems to be getting beat more than the other. Right now Beekman leads the competition, but Lovie claims Frank is close behind

Cornerbacks- Any of them. Any of them at all. Throw the safeties in there too. I'm not even sure who is going to line up at all four starting spots, but probably Vasher and McBride at corner, Danieal Manning at Free Safety, and Kevin Payne at Strong Safety. It's preseason, but it would still be nice if they looked good covering Lee Evans and Terrell Owens.

Defensive Line- They haven't said yet if they'll play Tommie Harris, but if they do obviously all eyes will be on him. Next pay close attention to Ogunleye and Mark Anderson. Both are in contract years and Anderson is pushing hard for Ogunleye's job.

SAM Linebacker- Pisa Tinoisamoa/Nick Roach/Jamar Williams.
Pisa's been lining up with the first team most of the time, despite the team claiming its an open competition, so I assume he'll start, but keep an eye out to see which of the three makes the most plays.

So, yeah. FOOTBALL! I don't know if I'll even be able to catch it tomorrow night, as I'm in Des Moines and don't know if any of the local stations will pick it up, but I'm sure I'll catch it later in the week on NFL Network when I'm back at home. Go Bears.

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