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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Bears Team That Can't Stop Pass Heads to Green Bay to Face Team That Can't Stop Run

Well, its the first Green Bay week of 2008, and a lot is at stake for the Bears, if they win, they knock Green Bay 2 games back and set themselves up pretty well for the game at Minnesota the week after. If they lose, well then the NFC North remains a cloudy mess of suck. Here's the numbers:

Bears Offense vs. Packers Defense 2008

Passing YPG- 213.0(13th) vs. 179.1 (3rd)
Rushing YPG- 110.6(15th) vs. 154.6 (28th)
Total YPG- 323.6 (17th) vs. 333.7 (21)
Total PPG- 26.3 (6th) vs. 22.8 (18th)

Packers Offense vs. Bears Defense 2008

Passing YPG-
221.4 (11th) vs. 251.8 (30th...eee gad)
Rushing YPG- 98.1 (23rd) vs. 74.9 (4th)
Total YPG- 326.7 (17th) vs. 319.6 (19th)
Total PPG- 26.3 (6th) vs. 21.6 (15th)

So basically these teams are fairly middle of the pack (though the Bears offensive numbers have taken a slight dip with 6 straight quarters of Grossman) in all areas but two: the Packers pass defense and the Bears run defense. Not surprisingly you should expect to see a lot of Aaron Rodgers passes and Matt Forte runs this game. The tiebreaker will hopefully be this guy:

Who by all accounts will play and will provide the Bears with a better balance on offense than the Packers should have, as Ryan Grant's struggled most of the year and our run defense should grind him down more than their pass defense wears down Kyle, as he's not one prone to make poor decisions or panic. That, and he beat the Packers 35-7 last December. A common trend in the Bears-Packers Rivalry of late, as Lovie's teams are 6-2 against the Packers, and 5-1 against Mike McCarthy. Those last 8:

December 23, 2007: Bears 35, Packers 7
October 7, 2007: Bears 27, Packers 20
December 31, 2006: Packers 26, Bears 7
September 10, 2006: Bears 26, Packers 0
December 25, 2005: Bears 24, Packers 17
December 4, 2005: Bears 19, Packers 7
January 2, 2005: Packers 31, Bears 14
September 19, 2004: Bears 21, Packers 10

Not to make excuses (read: making excuses) but in the two losses to the Packers during the Lovie years, the December 2006 game came when the Bears had clinched homefield advantage throughout the playoffs and most of their starters did not play the second half, and the 2005 game (actually the last game of the 2004 season), the Bears had 16 players on injured reserve, including Rex Grossman, Brian Urlacher, Mike Brown, Adewale Ogunleye, and three different offensive linemen. So, basically the Bears have won every game since 2004 in which they fielded an actual team. Here's to two more and a division title this year.

Go Bears.

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