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Thursday, March 6, 2008

Update: The "Seriously, We Did Remember We Had This Thing" Edition

Hello again, from the Start Kyle Orton crew. Really I'm not so sure I really am wholeheartedly devoted to the name of this website, as I'm currently supporting Rex in the QB competition. Which leads to my first comment on a brief round-up of what has happened with the Bears since we left you.

-The Rex re-signing and the Kyle contract extension were both good moves by the Bears. The training camp competition between the two might just be the first Legitimate quarterback contest the Bears have had in years. Personally I favor Rex, as, I believe, does Lovie. Rex is the guy the Bears have had faith in all along, and they really would like this last shot at hoping he'll be healthy/effective will work out. Kyle really is their ideal backup, as he was never meant to replace Rex, but to be a back up with similar attributes and skill sets to Rex's that would allow him to step in in case of a Rex injury and keep the same playbook.

-A better move was ditching Griese. Thank God. Good luck with Gruden, Brian, you shall Not be missed.

- Lance Briggs was a must-have and I'm glad the Bears didn't let him get away. That money was far, far better spent on Briggs than Berrian and its great that Angelo prioritized properly. Oh, and Berrian? Since when is a receiver whose among the league leaders in dropped passes and has never had a 1,000 yd season worth 8 million a year? Fuck you.

-Marty Booker? Really? That was....unexpected. I never really warmed to Marty the first time, despite the numbers he just really didn't seem like a playmaker. We'll see how it goes this time.


- Oh and Favre is gone. A merciful God has finally granted us this. Tuesday, March 4th shall forever live as a Great Day in Bears History.

.....and that should about catch us up.

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