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Monday, March 31, 2008

Brewers 4, Cubs 3 (10)

Couple thoughts on today's game:

-Our hitters approach is the same as it was last year: there is no approach, other than Kosuke.

-Loved leadoff hitter Ryan Theriot: 0-4 2ks.

-Kosuke Fukudome is Godlike. Too bad his day was ruined by his supporting cast.

- Rough start for closer Kerry and Bob Howry. We need you guys to come up big, don't shit the bed.

- Carlos looked great, still needs to master that cramping problem. Also, who didn't shit their pants when Derrek and Z almost collided?

-Seriously, I have to reiterate, I can't even get on Theriot and Pie for their lack of patience, nobody, but nobody, but Kosuke showed anything resembling plate discipline. It was like watching the Arizona series all over again.

- It'll be a long day off tomorrow ( I hate the automatic day off after Opening Day, you wait so long for the game, it happens, and then they blue ball you the day after) then our man Ted Lilly goes against Jeff Suppan. Here's hoping the Cubs are a little (read: a whole fucking lot) more patient with Suppan and score a bit off of a guy with a 4.62 ERA last year.

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