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Monday, December 3, 2007

Post 100!... and the BCS is dead.

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This is post number 100 of this glorious site. HAIL!!!

In other, admittedly less important, news: the BCS is going down in a spiral of hellfire and death. Quoth the BCS computers:

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There are four teams who have an equal argument for being the number two team in the nation: LSU, VaTech, USC, and Oklahoma. All are 10-2, all won their divisions by either playing every other team in their division or by winning a division championship game. All of these teams are better than the undisputed number one team, Ohio State. Also better than Ohio State:

-10-2 Georgia, who should have won the SEC East.
-10-2 AZ State
-11-2 Missouri
-11-1 Kansas
-10-2 West Virginia

This is the first year I can remember in which there is a good argument, in fact an equal argument, for including any of the Big 6 conference champions: OSU, LSU, USC, VaTech, Oklahoma, and West Virginia. There was never a chance for the BCS to "get it right" because one game cannot possibly settle all of this. A plus one, the system that ESPN's Lee Corso and Kirk Herbstreit seem to champion merely because they don't think a playoff system will be accepted, would have also been insufficient to settle anything, considering that the winners of all four BCS bowls (and the national title game) will have an equal argument saying that they deserve to be included in the plus one game (obviously Illinois wouldn't deserve to if they beat USC, but we'll assume USC wins).

For the love of God. We live in America. Actually, that doesn't even matter. I CANNOT TELL YOU OF ONE OTHER SPORT IN THE WORLD THAT DOES NOT CROWN IT'S CHAMPION WITH A PLAYOFF. If there is honestly someone who prefers that a computer should tell us who is the best team in the nation instead of having said team prove it on the field, that person is a moron or is mentally handicapped.

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