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Sunday, November 11, 2007


Those of you who watched the Bears game today (i.e. those people who we give a shit about), saw the departure of our mortal enemy, Brian Griese, due to his weak, screen pass chuckin shoulder finally giving way, and the entry into the game of one Rex Grossman. Now we are no stranger to Rex, of course, having loved him, hated him, and overall having suffered with him since his college day. Rex's return culminated in a 59 yard bomb to Bernard Berrian, the epitome of all that made Rex the Sex Cannon during the glory days of his early career, when hope was high that he would become all that we have lacked in a Chicago Quarterback. Well, Rex, for this week, we say thank you, and really, despite the name of this website, we'd be most pleased if you decided to spend the rest of the season finally cashing in on that potential of yours, re-signing with da Bears and giving us a counterpoint to Green Bay fans whenever Brett Farvuruh retires. But our patience was tested the last time this happened Rex, our support now will be justifiably week-to-week, unlike the blind obedience I had to you from 2000 to the Dallas game this year. Will you finally put it together, Rex? Will you be the quarterback we always hoped you'd be? Will you embrace your destiny? Will you give some idiot Bears fan who actually wastes his time making montages about his favorite players reason to mash up footage of you with that Enrique Iglesias song?

He can be your hero baby. He can kiss away the pain.

Oh, and unrelated to, and far more serious than, our little jokes about football, happy Veterans Day to those of you the holiday is for. God Bless you all.

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