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Thursday, October 4, 2007

Lil Wayne is unhappy

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Well shit, if ya'll been keepin sco you know i went 1 n 2 yesterday, plus I hate dem Red Sox so mentally I went 0 fuh 3. And that aint how Weezy does things, baby. 3-0 today mutha fuckas.

Colorado Rockies @ Philadelphia Phillies, 2:00 ct on TBS

Shit, Philly in da playoffs for the first time since the stone age an them mufuckas cant win a damn game against a bunch of crackas what live way tha fuck up in da atmosphere? Shit, all I need's my homies an a bitch to get me pumped, and y'all mfuckas have a stadium uh towel wavin, pissed off Philadelphians an u can't? Still, I'm stickin wit my guns here, an I got a lot of em. Phillies win today and tie the series mainly because Ryan Howard and Jimmy Rollins DON'T go a combined 0-7 with 4 Ks. Man who da fuck am I kiddin? I aint gon watch this shit. I'll be waitin for...

New York Yankees @ Cleveland Indians, 5:30 ct on TBS

Dis shit iz interestin to me cuz I wanna see them asshos up in NY jump all ova A-Rod when da Yankees lose. New Yorkers are some trippin ass muthafuckas. Guy has a career year for A-ROD which is a career year for evrybody else too, but if he go 0-4 you know dem jackasses in NYC are gonna blame dis shit on A-Rod when it's all my boy C.C. Sabbathia's fault. Yeah, CC throws a 4 or 5 hitter, A-Rod goes 0-4, Yankees lose, shit jumps OFF.

Chicago Cubs @ Arizona Diamondbacks, 9:00 ct on TBS

Shit I fuhgot to factor in da whole Brandon Webb thang last pick. That mufucka can pitch a ball almost as well as I pitch weight, but not quite. That shit changes tonight cuz Doug Davis aint no goddamn good n my boy Ted Lilly's been rollin so I figure Cubs win dis one 6-3 an tie it up befo headin back to Wrigley. Shit if I don't have a winnin record today I'm gon kill somethin. I'm lookin atchu, Nas, you bitch nigga. Peace.

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