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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Iggins! NFL Power Rankings post week 6

A few things about the last week that have crossed my mind:

- My opinion (nay, my FACT!) coincides with Red in that the BCS is a horrifying experiment that never went wrong because IT WAS ALWAYS WRONG. Nobody would ever say, "Golly, I hope the NFL or the NBA changes from a playoffs system to a BCS-like system. " And that is with good reason. Ohio State would get beaten by each of the twelve teams directly below them. USF would get beat by at least half of them. The horror that is... the BCS!

- Honestly, Devin Hester is the biggest game changer in the league and if the Bears had ANY offense we would score at least 35 a game based solely on field position and Hester TD's. Where the fuck is Orton? WHERE?!?!!?

- I'm looking forward to Iowa returning to form this weekend in God's rebuke for their win over Illinois. Maybe Christensen'll get pulled now. I can hope, right?

- Also, yes, my Bisquit is awesome.

- Now on to the NFL...

Maybe they need to pray more to Christ Jesus...
32) Miami Dolphins
31) St. Louis Rams (In grave danger of taking the bottom spot)

How did they get a win again...?
30) Atlanta Falcons (So I'm playing Madden 08 in the 4th year of my franchise and I play the Falcons. There's Mike Vick. I laugh hysterically for minutes)
29) Buffalo Bills
28) New York Jets

Fuck Cincinnati
27) Cincinnati Bengals

26) Denver Broncos
25) New Orleans Saints (They looked like the Saints on Sunday Night. I'll wait and see which team is the real New Orleans: The Saints or the Aints)

24) Chicago Bears
23) Minnesota Vikings

Soon to be scraping the bottom of the barrel
22) San Francisco 49ers
21) Oakland Raiders (Look here, Oakland, Culpepper is the same damn person that Jamarcus Russell is. So why not play the guy who needs experience?)
20) Seattle Seahawks (Wow Shaun Alexander is bad. What the hell happened there?)

Dangerous... kinda
19) Baltimore Ravens (Boller is back! Alright?)
18) Cleveland Browns (So... Derek Anderson, huh? Really?)
17) Houston Texans (Too bad these guys play in a division with Indy, Jacksonville, and Tennessee.)
16) Arizona Cardinals (Who the hell is their 3rd string QB?... Tim Rattay and Tim Hasselbeck, huh? Well, there's always next year.)

Mediocrity is the spice of life...?
15) Detroit Lions
14) Kansas City Chiefs
13) Philadelphia Eagles (Hey D-McNabb? The Bears called. GET YOUR ASS OVER HERE!)
12) Washington Redskins (Oh, too bad for these guys their coach is senile, otherwise they'd be much higher.)
11) Carolina Panthers (I do not prescribe the the Vinny Testaverde theory.)

Lookin' Good
10) New York Giants
9) San Diego Chargers (LT is LT again! Ihope he learned his lesson and will stop making ridiculous commercials now.)
8) Tennessee Titans (Not their fault the Madden curse struck VY down)

7) Tampa Bay Bucs
6) Green Bay Packers
5) Jacksonville Jaguars (Are the Jaguars better than mediocre finally?)

Top Tier
4) Pittsburgh Steelers
3) Dallas Cowboys (You expect me to drop them for losing to a Demon God?)
2) Indianapolis Colts (Peyton: "What, now Brady has good receivers? Dagnabbit.")

Diablo, Lord of Terror, Harbinger of Doom
1) New England Patriots (AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH)

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